Devargo Barvasi

The King of Spiders, Boss of Eel's End


He is a tall man with close-cropped black hair, a warm smile, and blue eyes. He accents his black leather armor with a steel spider-shaped shoulder baldric and a thick chain criss-crossing his chest, linked together in the shape of a spider’s web. His signature weapons—gauntlets fixed with blades over the knuckles (functionally identical to spiked gauntlets, save that they deal slashing damage)— glisten with poison. ’

Now and then, spiders clamber over his skin, but he takes no notice. Whispers say that Devargo has the blood of fiends in him, and that he can communicate with spiders telepathically. In fact, Devargo’s secret is an ettercap named Chittersnap who lives in the chamber below his throne room. Devargo provides Chittersnap with a safe place to live and all the food and treasure he wants, and in return, the ettercap allows Devargo to maintain his charade of being able to control spiders, when in fact that control rests entirely in Chittersnap’s mind.


Once a smuggler from Riddleport, Barvasi crossed the wrong people there and ended up on the run for years before he found a partner in Stanris Sevenfingers (then called Stanris the Swifthand). The two had a murderous falling out shortly after they conceived of Eel’s End, and Stanris was one of the first victims offered to Chittersnap when he objected to Devargo’s decision to take charge.

In the years that followed, Devargo earned his moniker well by collecting the secrets of many powerful personages throughout Korvosa and bending them to his influence. With no reason for the Korvosan Guard to object too loudly to his operation, Barvasi is living proof that, sometimes, crime does pay. Today, Devargo spends most of his time at Eel’s End, entertained by lickspittles and sycophants—all of whom are petty scoundrels and thugs desperate to earn the King of Spiders’ favor. An invitation to join Devargo in his throne room is both a blessing and a threat to an up and coming thief, since attendance is no guarantee of alliance and often results in torture, torment, and death.

Devargo Barvasi

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